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Do you want to play a key role in improving the treatment options for patients with endometriosis and other inflammatory/pain conditions?

190 million women around the world have endometriosis, a significant health issue with a substantial need for better medical solutions. As awareness of the unmet needs in the women´s health area and the associated market potential is on the rise, Gesynta Pharma is well positioned to make a historical contribution in the treatment of endometriosis, as well as in other inflammatory/pain diseases. As Gesynta Pharma embarks on the next, critical step of this journey, the company expands its team by appointing the key position VP Clinical Development.

Located in central Stockholm, Sweden, Gesynta Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that develops unique drug candidates aiming to reduce harmful inflammation and pain. The company´s R&D platform is built on research originating from Karolinska Institutet. The company has successfully advanced a portfolio of drug candidates with a unique ability to selectively inhibit microsomal prostaglandin E synthase (mPGES-1), the enzyme that produces inflammation-promoting prostaglandin E2. By targeting mPGES-1 our lead drug candidate, vipoglanstat, attenuates endometriotic lesions while exerting potent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. With a favorable safety and pharmacology profile demonstrated in previous phase I and II trials, vipoglanstat is about to start a phase II study in patients with endometriosis. In addition to vipoglanstat the company portfolio comprises further mPGES-1 inhibitors, including GS-073. This drug candidate is ready to enter clinical development for the treatment of chronic inflammatory pain, another area of immense medical need.

We are looking for a VP Clinical Development with extensive experience in clinical development from R&D in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry. This position involves high level strategic planning as well as hands-on responsibility for overseeing the planning, execution, and management of clinical development programs for new drug candidates. You will report to the CEO and be a member of the executive and R&D management teams.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Lead and manage the cross-functional clinical development team.
  • Accountable for the design and execution of the clinical development strategy.
  • Accountable for providing medical and scientific leadership for the successful execution, and reporting of the clinical trials.
  • Responsible for Steering committee and Advisory Board setup and operations.
  • Ensure and approve the quality of medical and clinical parts of regulatory submissions including related working processes.
  • MD with experience from clinical practice.
  • 10+ years' experience of clinical development from R&D in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry, within gynecology (preferred), inflammation, immunology, or pain.
  • 5+ years as medical responsible at study/project level, incl patient safety, phase II & III.
  • Demonstrated solid understanding of methodology in the design, conduct, review, interpretation, and presentation of clinical research.

Please apply through our recruiting partner Haeger & Carlsson, haegercarlsson.com

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Gesynta Pharma bases its R&D on groundbreaking research from the Karolinska Institutet.

Our executive team and board of directors hold vast experience in drug development, commercialization and company scale-up.

Endometriosis is a chronic, inflammatory, estrogen-dependent disease affecting millions of women worldwide.

Our lead drug candidate vipoglanstat is in clinical phase II, while GS-073 is ready to enter clinical phase I.