Endometriosis: A call for comprehensive care and early intervention

Endometriosis has a ripple effect, impacting a woman's life course beyond the physical symptoms. It can hinder educational attainment, limit career options, disrupt social life, and influence family planning decisions. These factors, along with the negative impact on mental and emotional health, can significantly reduce a woman's overall quality of life.

Early diagnosis and effective treatment are key, but current delays between symptom onset and diagnosis worsen the situation.

A more comprehensive approach is needed, with collaboration between gynecologists, primary care physicians, psychologists, and other specialists. Together with increased public awareness, this will ensure long-term, patient centered care that addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by women with endometriosis.

Let's move beyond just managing symptoms and empower women with endometriosis to reach their full potential.

Gesynta Pharma is dedicated to the development of better treatments for endometriosis patients, with promising preclinical data for vipoglanstat and a phase II study coming.

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Gesynta Pharma bases its R&D on groundbreaking research from the Karolinska Institutet.

Our executive team and board of directors hold vast experience in drug development, commercialization and company scale-up.

Endometriosis is a chronic, inflammatory, estrogen-dependent disease affecting millions of women worldwide.

Our lead drug candidate vipoglanstat is in clinical phase II, while GS-073 is ready to enter clinical phase I.