GS-073 approved for clinical development in chronic inflammatory pain

Gesynta Pharma is pleased to announce that our application for a clinical phase I study of GS-073 has been approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency. This significant development represents the commencement of clinical testing for GS-073, aimed at addressing the pressing issue of chronic inflammatory pain. Notably, this approval signifies that two of Gesynta Pharma's drug candidates, both of which are potent and selective mPGES-1 inhibitors, have advanced to the clinical phase.

For further details, please see the press release.

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Gesynta Pharma bases its R&D on groundbreaking research from the Karolinska Institutet.

Our executive team and board of directors hold vast experience in drug development, commercialization and company scale-up.

Endometriosis is a chronic, inflammatory, estrogen-dependent disease affecting millions of women worldwide.

Our lead drug candidate vipoglanstat is in clinical phase II, while GS-073 is ready to enter clinical phase I.