New initiatives in women’s health and endometriosis in Sweden, the EU, Denmark, and the United States

Today, Forte (the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare) and Vetenskapsrådet (the Swedish Research Council), commissioned by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, presented recommendations for a heightened research focus in women's health. There is a focus on two main areas: 1) Diseases and health conditions that are unique to or more common in women, and 2) Women’s health during pregnancy, and maternity care, including delivery and postnatal care. The recommendations include a long-term commitment of 7-8 years of research funding, totaling approximately 60-80 MSEK annually. Access the report with an English summary here:

Last week in Brussels, MEP Pernille Weiss hosted a hearing at the European Parliament, featuring insights from experts such as FEMaLe Coordinator Ulrik Bak Kirk, Krina Zondervan (University of Oxford), Nicolas Bourdel (University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand), Adrienn Salamon representing European patient organizations and advocacy groups, and Lone Hummelshoj ( Their presentations and ensuing discussions highlighted the challenges surrounding endometriosis, underscoring the importance of collective efforts and strategic initiatives.

In Copenhagen November 15, the Danish Parliament held its first ever hearing on endometriosis, initiated by MPs Camilla Fabricius and Per Larsen. This advocacy has already resulted in the inclusion of financial support for the national patient organization Endometriose Faellesskabet in the Danish state budget for the first time.

November 13 in Washington, DC, President Joe Biden announced the groundbreaking White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research. The initiative is committed to galvanizing the Federal government, private, and philanthropic sectors to spur innovation, unleash investment to close research gaps, and improve women’s health.

While all these initiatives are truly encouraging, there remains work to be done. Continued efforts are essential to raise awareness, advocate for increased research, and support the development of effective treatments across the spectrum of women's health.

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