US government proposing $12 billion fund for women's health research

$12 billion initiative to advance women’s health research! Following the announcement in the State of the Union address, President Biden yesterday issued an executive order to create a Fund for Women’s Health Research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

More than twenty tasks and commitments for federal agencies are outlined, including multidisciplinary research investment by the National Science Foundation, and establishing a centralized NIH funding platform for women's health.

Private sector innovation is to be supported through additional federal investments. FDA is addressing gaps in research and availability of products for diseases and conditions that primarily impact women or where scientific considerations may be different for women, while NIH is gearing up to launch a dedicated initiative for biomarker discovery, notably targeting endometriosis.

Additionally, CDC and HRSA are bolstering data collection efforts to deepen the understanding of women's health.

The executive order shows strong commitment behind the White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research launched in November 2023, bringing the Federal government, private, and philanthropic sectors together to spur innovation, unleash investment to close research gaps, and improve women’s health.

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